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Live Nativity Walk this Sunday!

Good Shepherd will host its Live Nativity Walk again this Sunday, December 8th from 3:00-6:00PM. Please join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus! Our nativity scene will be on display at the front of the building complete with live animals. Be sure to also take a walk through our building to view numerous nativity scenes that will be set up while listening to special music performances, along with homemade cookies to enjoy!
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Join Us for Worship

9am Sunday Mornings

All are welcome!
Nursery available for families with small children

At Good Shepherd we practice open communion. We believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the elements of bread and wine. In the gospels we meet Jesus, God’s Son, who ate with sinners and welcomed all. You are welcome at this, the Lord’s Table. Children who commune in their home congregations are welcome to commune at this church. Children who do not receive communion are encouraged to come forward with hands folded to receive a blessing. Children normally receive their first communion after conversation between parents, children and Pastor.