Sunday School

Youth in Preschool up through 1st Grade get to enjoy our Prayerground. Through art, dance, and music, kids and adults find creative ways to engage the bible as we learn about God together using our frolic Preschool Bibles.  

2nd – 5th grade students dive deeper into their Spark Story Bibles during Sunday School. Kids and adults get to use their Spark Bibles and curriculum to learn more about our ancient ancestors in the scriptures while following our readings in worship each Sunday.

6th – 8th grade students will learn about their ancestors in the faith through our Re:Form curriculum. Each student receives an Anti-workbook that will have them engaging in fun activities related to our story. 

9th – 12th grade students are encouraged to help with leading lessons, games, and activities with our younger children on Sunday mornings. There are also opportunities for students to lead our Adult forum classes on a topic of interest to them.