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Welcome to Good Shepherd!

Join us for worship in-person and online! YOU are welcome!

Worship with Holy Communion on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., and on our livestream. Masks are required inside our building – see additional COVID protocol information below.

Printable worship bulletin and insert.


As infection rates continue to decline, our council and committees have made a few changes to our worship services.

Here’s what we decided:

  • Continue with our two services for now, but we will once again be coming to the altar for communion.
  • Gradually increase singing at both services.
  • Provide the southern-most section of the sanctuary for physical distancing.
  • Encourage the use of our live-streamed worship for anyone who has been exposed to COVID, is feeling ill, is immune-compromised, or is not fully vaccinated.
  • Gradually relax mask requirements and add in fellowship opportunities. Other basic mitigations we’ve kept in place throughout this pandemic will continue for the time being.

If numbers continue to stay low, we are hoping to return to a more “normal” pattern.

Thank you! Let us worship God together in peace, health, and joy!!

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Here We Walk

Get some exercise as we walk (or run/swim/bike) together with the goal of 1000 miles in 5 weeks. Each day you’ll receive an update as we explore the places of Martin Luther’s life. Including fun facts, devotional thoughts, and questions to ponder along the way, this walk is something you can safely do at your own convenience while also interacting in our private Facebook group. Sign up today!

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Virtual Nativity Walk

Join Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in their Virtual Nativity Walk again this Holiday season. Produced in 2020, but reposted again for your enjoyment, we encourage you to once again bring the warmth of Christ’s birth into your living room–or any room–and come together to enjoy the beauty of the Champaign-Urbana Lutheran Community’s unique collection of nativities.

Thanks to everyone who made this video possible. We do not own the intellectual rights to all music in this video, and any music which falls under copyright, we hitherto sacrifice all intellectual rights to any all and parties which own them. We do not intend to use this video for monetization or wide public use.

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Faith In Place

We are excited to announce we are a @faithinplace COVID-19 Food Crisis Relief Fund Grantee! @faithinplace is supporting us to continue our work (emergency food deliveries, fresh perishables, and restocking a portion of our church food pantry).

A subaward grant from Faith in Place funded through the Chicago Region Food System Fund.