Celebrating Bold Women

Sunday, February 23, is Bold Women Sunday, “celebrating all Lutheran women who have acted or are acting boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.”  Members of WELCA and others will lead a special worship service at 9:00 am, and Adult Forum after worship.

“During our event on Sunday, we are having our worship service be led by all women and they will serve as greeters, ushers, communion assistants, fellowship servers, readers, etc. for the service,” Nancy Holm, WELCA member says.   “We are using a special liturgy for that day modeled after a service developed by the National WELCA. More than 30 women are participating in the service in addition to those singing in the choir. Women will provide special music, and our hymns that day are written by or about women.”

“Bold Women Sunday is for our church members to learn about and celebrate bold women from the Bible, women in the early history of the Lutheran Church, and Lutheran women today all over the world who are teaching, preaching, and following God’s call to them. During Adult Forum both women and men will look at examples of bold women during the Reformation and then examine our own strengths and how we can be bold in our actions of caring, advocacy, and teaching.”

Nancy mentions Bold Women’s Day is promoted and celebrated by annually on the fourth Sunday of February.  As the WELCA website states, ‘Some women are bold in their unceasing prayers. Other women are bold in their service to those in need. Still, other women are bold in their advocacy or through their hospitality. Whether we live out our bold story of faith in the workplace, family home or community, our faith compels us to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s all about living out our baptismal call, about being a disciple of Christ’.”