Adult Fellowship

Adult Forum is studying Acts on Sundays at 10:30 through May – click here for links to readings, videos and Zoom meeting info.

Wednesday Devotions with Jason happen every Wednesday at 6:15 – click here for links to videos.

Just as God has joined us to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in baptism, we are also joined to each other. In Christ none of us lives in isolation from others. Jesus is our peace and has broken down the walls that divide us – walls of judgment, hatred, condemnation and violence – and has made us into one, new human community (Ephesians 2:14-15).

We receive diversity as a gift and embrace it, rather than treating it as a threat or a problem to be solved (1 Corinthians 12:12-13). We respect and honor the diversity of histories, traditions, cultures, languages and experiences among us in the ELCA and in the larger Christian community of faith. We seek full participation of all in the life and work of this church and will strenuously avoid the culture of any one group becoming the norm for all in the ELCA. And we strive to address the ways that racism, sexism, classism and other forms of injustice limit participation and harm people, communities and the whole body of Christ. In all these relationships the ELCA serves reconciliation and healing with other Christians, while repentantly acknowledging its failings and wrongs, trusting in God’s forgiving mercy.

Paraphrased from About the ELCA: We are church together

Wednesday Devotions with Jason

Join Deacon Jason Fisher on Wednesdays at 6:15 on Facebook for a video devotion and chat. First, watch the video and then Jason will lead a discussion on Facebook live. We’re currently discussing a video series with Richard Rohr, American author, spiritual writer and Franciscan friar. Rohr has been called “one of the most popular spirituality authors… Continue reading Wednesday Devotions with Jason

Adult Forum

We’ll be reading and discussing the Book of Acts in May, led by Deacon Jason Fisher. We’ll meet online on Sundays at 10:30 beginning on May 10. You’ll find videos and other resources here, as well as links to our online meetings. You can join the Zoom Meeting at this link: Enter this Meeting ID:… Continue reading Adult Forum

Men’s Bible Study

The Good Shepherd Men’s Bible Study Group meets each Friday morning at 7 am at Original Pancake House. All men of Good Shepherd are invited to attend.

Anna Circle

Anna’s Circle is a women’s bible study group that meets the first Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm in the choir room.

Ruth Circle

The Ruth Circle is a women’s bible study group that meets the third Tuesday of each month at 9:30am at the Windsor of Savoy.

Rachel Circle

The Rachel Circle is a women’s bible study group that meets the fourth Monday of each month at 4:30pm in the choir room.


WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) donate their time weekly / monthly to do work for the church and to serve those in our community. Watch the weekly and monthly newsletters for activity dates and locations.