Chancel Care

Directions for Communion Set-Up

These instructions are also posted in the sacristy. If you have any questions, please call Sherrill Houchens.

  1. Bread is delivered by County Market on Saturday
  2. Place linens on Altar
    Large – corporal on Altar
    Small – goes on top of chalice, paper napkin, hard board, then linen on top
  3. Fill wine cups 2/3 full
    Top to bottom: 1 filled, 2 empty, 4 filled
  4. Fill baptismal font. Only fill bottom area to rim (1 cup)
  5. Remove all linen and communion ware from altar after late worship, use towel to “mop up” water from baptismal font
  6. Clean trays & dispose of used cups
  7. Refill all cleaned trays, leaving two empty trays
  8. Empty garbage
  9. Wash linens and return to church before the next Sunday