Fellowship Server

Before Worship

  1. Ensure that the Coffee Pots are plugged (Regular and Decaf)
  2. Check supplies, cups, cream and sugar, drink stirrers (extra cups are in the kitchen either in the cabinet marked such or in a large box by the north door.)
  3. Coffee Mugs are now being used as a “green” effort. Please put cart of mugs near the table for use of those wishing to drink coffee.
  4. The donut holes and bagels are to be delivered from County Market along with the flowers on Saturday. They are left on the cart in the sacristy.
  5. Place a napkin in the baskets and place the donut holes in the baskets. Use one basket for early service. Cut the bagels into quarters. Place them on a platter.
  6. Put coffee in carafes marked appropriately, e.g.. decaf, regular, hot water
  7. After serving, clean up table, and wash tray. Put used coffee mugs in the dishwasher in the kitchen. Dump out remaining coffee from carafes and leave for late worship.

After Worship

  1. Place baskets of remaining donut holes and tray of bagels on table after worship begins.
  2. Pour coffee into appropriate carafes.
  3. Check and replenish supplies, e.g. cups, sugar, napkins, and coffee mugs.
  4. After serving, clean up table, wash trays, carafes, and coffee pot. Place dirty mugs in dishwasher and start dishwasher.
  5. Note: Coffee grounds are to be put in the white container under the kitchen sink.
  6. Ensure that all lights are off in the kitchen area.
  7. Note any supply replacement needs and leave in church office in the wire basket.