Flower Delivery

  1. As soon as you receive the schedule, determine whether that date is possible for you. If not, please arrange to switch dates with another person scheduled. Please notify the church office, 352-1732 of any changes. If you have a last minute schedule change or cannot find anyone with which to switch, please call the church office for assistance.
  2. A card will be posted on the refrigerator in the sacristy with the names and addresses where the flowers are to be delivered. When a rose is on the altar celebrating a Good Shepherd birth, unless a family member claims it, please consider delivering it to the new parents. Thank you.
  3. When flowers are available to deliver, please remove them from the chancel area leaving the exterior brass vases on the flower stands.
  4. Take the flowers to the sacristy (the long narrow room to the north of the sanctuary). You may have to work around others on Communion Sundays. There are plastic vases on the counter to use to transport the flowers. The foam will fit in the plastic vases, so you will not need to rearrange the flowers. Remove the flowers from the brass liners and leave those liners on the counter.
  5. A clip-on card, with special verses, is provided in the sacristy to place in the bouquet. Please take along a church bulletin to accompany the flowers. Please place the person’s name on the flowers who should be receiving them. We have encountered problems with flowers not making it to the person on the list, especially if they are in a facility. Thanks!