GSLC Food Delivery Program

Thank you for volunteering to make food deliveries on behalf of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. The opportunity to help our neighbors, to share our bounty, is a worthy effort.

How the Program Works

empty tomb, inc., located in Champaign receives referrals from various social service agencies in town. They refer individuals or families, who have a short-term emergency need for food that cannot be met by an agency, to GSLC and other participating churches.

When GSLC receives a food request from empty tomb, the parish administrative assistant (Traci) will contact the volunteer scheduled. A name, address, contact phone number, the number of people in the family, the circumstances of the need, and any allergies are given to the volunteer.  Plan to deliver a week’s worth of groceries covering three meals per day to the person or family in need of help.

Volunteer Preparation and Delivery

  1. Call the phone number supplied by empty tomb. (If preferred, you can use *67 to block your number.) Identify yourself as a member of GSLC and explain that you are calling in response to a food request from empty tomb, and that you will be handling their delivery through our church food pantry.
  2. You and the contact person will then agree on a day and time when you can be at the church pantry to gather and deliver groceries.
  3. Once you arrive at the pantry, call the contact person and let them know what types of foods and non-perishables are available. Once the list of items needed has been determined, remind the person that the delivery must be a non-contact delivery. Find out what area of the address you should place the grocery bags.
  4. Grocery bags are available in the pantry and prayer cards are available on the pantry shelf. Please add a prayer card to one of the bags to be delivered before you leave the church.
  5. Once you arrive at your destination and have delivered the groceries to the designated spot, call the contact person to let them know you have arrived and ask them if they can see the grocery bags. Once they have verified you have delivered to the correct address, you can ask them if they would like to pray. If they do not- simply say, “Goodbye and God bless you.”
  6. Send the parish administrative assistant an email ( stating the food delivery was completed. If there were any problems or questions, empty tomb will be contacted.