Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the worship to meet your co-greeter and prepare for early arrivals.

  1. Please use the Greeter tag located on the table outside of the church office.
  2. One greeter should stand near the southeast and southwest entrance doors to greet worshipers as they enter the church. After the worship, please act as a host or hostess to our guests and visitors.
  3. Introduce yourself to people you have not met. Remember that some of them may already be members. A suggested approach might be: “Good Morning! I’m ____, and am a greeter this morning.”
  4. Make every effort to help visitors feel welcome in our midst. Do not detain yourself talking with members you already know. Simply greet them with a cheery “hello” and be prepared to acquaint yourself with the visitors and guests.
  5. As a greeter, you should be aware of the facilities and services we have available. There’s a large print bulletin for the service, easy access chairs in the back row of the sanctuary, and a wheelchair is available. We have a nursery for children three years old and younger during worships. Visitors with small children may need to be directed to the nursery location.
  6. Please check the date you are scheduled to serve as greeter. If you are unable to be present on that date, please contact someone on the schedule to trade dates and notify the church office, 352-1732, of the change by the Wednesday before the date you are scheduled. If you have any problems finding someone to switch, please call the church office by noon on Wednesday.