Lay Reader

Thank you for agreeing to serve as lay reader. The readings and the prayers without the additional requests — that you are scheduled to read will be sent to you by email to review prior to that Sunday.

  1. Before coming to worship, please read through the readings sent to you by email to acquaint yourself with the contents. If it is easier for you to read, you may print the readings and prayers in a larger format at home. Additions to the prayers will be placed on the lectern before worship.
  2. Upon arrival at worship, please check the bulletin so you will know when to go to the lectern, first — for the readings, and second — for the prayers.
  3. Please read slowly and clearly. (It is not necessary to read the italicized information before the readings.)
  4. The choir will usually sing before the readings. The choir leads the congregation with the Psalm which occurs between the first and second reading. (A chair is provided if you want to step aside from the lectern.)
  5. The suggested introductory remarks are:
    “The first reading for the day is written in the ___ chapter of ___, beginning at the ___ verse.”
    “The second reading for the day is written in the ___ chapter of ___, beginning at the ___ verse.”
  6. The organist plays and the congregation sings the response as you return to your seat. The Gospel is read by the pastor from the pulpit.

If you cannot read on the assigned date, please switch with another reader and notify the church office at 352-1732 by noon on the Wednesday before you are scheduled to read, if possible. Thank you.