Thank you for being willing to serve in the Nursery! We have attached the schedule. Please note: If you cannot be in the nursery during your assigned week, please try to find a substitute and let the church office know of the change by 12:00 p.m. Wednesday. If you are having trouble finding someone to switch with you, please call the church office at 352-1732.

  1. Please try to be in the nursery ten minutes prior to the start of worship. It is important that you remain in the nursery during your assigned time. We do have parents who are trying to train their children to remain in church, but the children cannot always make it to the end of the worship. If you do not wish to remain in the nursery when children are not present, you are welcome to attend the worship. You may be able to catch any parents who are headed to the nursery. If this happens, please return to the nursery.
  2. Please sign yourself in on the sign-up sheet. This helps us know of substitutions in scheduling and also eases some parents’ minds to know the nursery helper’s name.
  3. Please make a name tag for yourself and wear it while in the nursery. This will help all parents, especially new members and visitors, know who the nursery helpers are.
  4. Remind parents to sign their child in on the sign-up sheet. This information is very helpful to the nursery helpers. Please also have the parents make a name tag for any new children or children that you do not know very well. This should help us learn the names of the children.
  5. Please ask parents to take a pager and note the pager number. This will allow us to contact a parent quickly if a child is upset, feels ill, etc. This is especially helpful if there is only one nursery helper present.
  6. We will also try to keep snack food, Kleenex and diapers in the nursery. If you notice a need for supplies, please let Samantha know.

Please feel free to call the church office if you have any concerns, comments, or if you would simply like to introduce yourself. Thank you for your dedication to our children and the nursery program.