Offering Sorter

  1. Get all offerings from offering plates and five marked blue bank bags in the top left file cabinet.
  2. Separate the offering into its different categories — General Fund, Loose (which includes all visitor pew envelopes and all cash not in envelopes), Sunday School, Property Improvement, Memorial, splits (one check with two envelopes or designations), and other miscellaneous (coffee, altar flowers, special offerings, etc.).
  3. Open envelopes, removing checks and/or cash and lay money on top of member’s envelope. Be sure the outside of the envelope has the correct amount written on the front. Fill out a “Contribution Identification Form” for members’ loose checks and paper clip together (you only have to do this for checks not in envelopes). Write “cash” on envelopes containing cash. New: At this point, try to separate each category into check contributions and cash contributions to make it easier to account for cash below (step #5). Do not separate cash from the envelope if a member has contributed with cash.
  4. Bundle the envelopes they represent together and put in the four designated blue bank bags (i.e., Property Improvement money in Property Improvement marked bag, General Fund money in General Fund bag, Loose in Loose bag, all other in miscellaneous).
  5. Please indicate all cash (either member or non-member, offering or reimbursements) in denominations. Run a tape to total the cash. Please put tape in the Office Manager’s mailbox on the corner of the main desk. Please use the table in the downloadable pdf in the right column as a tool when counting the cash for the day.
  6. Leave bags of money in safe and lock it by closing door and pulling handle up to lock.

If you have any questions or problems, call Dana VanDeveer at 649-2205. Please check all doors and lights before you leave. Thank you!