Ushers are responsible for the smooth and orderly flow of the worship service. They are expected to assist the worshipers, give aid to visitors, distribute materials, collect the offering, and be aware and available for any needs or requests from Pastor.

Usher Captains


  • Unlock the doors on the east and west side of the narthex and the doors on the east and west side of the north entrance.
  • Turn on all lights in the sanctuary, narthex, the hallways, and the north entrance.
    Check the thermostats to make sure they are turned on and set at either A/C or heat. Do not adjust the temperature.
  • Take the altar flowers from the sacristy refrigerator and place them in the brass containers at either side of the altar. Check the bulletin to determine the order of service or if any special activities are scheduled which may involve usher participation.
  • If there is to be a baptism, place the Reserved signs on each end of the front pew.
  • Determine if the acolyte (and communion server on communion Sundays) is present. If they are not, consult with Pastor about a replacement.
  • Check with Pastor as to any special circumstances or requests.
  • Check hearing devices and make certain all are in working order. New batteries are available in the office.
  • Assign ushers positions for greeting worshipers and distributing bulletins, gathering the offering, and for communion.


  • Attendance should be counted while the congregation is seated. Count and record everyone; Pastor, organist, choir, babies, and those attending in the nursery. Attendance figures are to be recorded in the log located in the usher closet.


  • Collect the offering from the altar and bring it into the office.
  • After 8am worship, take the offering from the offering plates and put it in the blue zippered bag labeled AEarly Service Offering@ that is located in the top left filing cabinet. Return the zippered bag to the file cabinet and lock the cabinet using the key in the box located in the middle cabinet drawer (lower left). Return the offering plates to the usher=s closet.
  • After 10:30 (and summer 9 am), please make sure to lock all doors at both entrances and turn off lights, including restrooms. Please note that each of the outside doors has two locking mechanisms (one on each end of the bar). Please check both mechanisms. Empty baptismal font of water (baptismal Sundays and communion Sundays).

All Ushers

Ushers should report 30 minutes prior to the worship, dressed appropriately. A son or daughter, middle school age or younger, may assist their usher parent, but are not to replace an usher.

  • Greet worshipers. Be friendly and cordial.
  • Distribute bulletins and announcement sheets.
  • Actively assist in seating. Should seating become crowded, 1 or 2 ushers should ask people to move to the center of the pew to accommodate others.
  • Worshipers with special needs and those with mobility issues should be assisted to the area directly behind the rear pews. A wheelchair is available in the usher closet. Ushers should give special assistance to these people and notify Pastor of their needs for communion.
  • The doors to the sanctuary should be closed once the worship has started.
  • When an overflow crowd occurs, chairs can to be set up in the narthex. Additional chairs are in the storage closet across from the office. Additional ELWs are stored in the usher closet.
  • Assist with the doors during worship, be aware of those exiting/entering the sanctuary. Late arrivals must wait until after opening prayer to enter the sanctuary.
  • The offering plates should be given to the 4 ushers, one on each aisle. One offering plate should be used for the north nave and one for the south nave. Two offering plates are to be used for the center nave. When Pastor is in place to receive the offering, two ushers will deliver the plates using the two center aisles, while the third usher carries and places the food basket at the end of the altar. After Pastor receives plates, ushers should pause and wait for usher(s) handling food baskets to come to rail and return as a team.
  • For communion, ushers will direct people to the altar railing during the singing of ALamb of God.@ One usher will stand on each side while the other ushers direct communicants to the altar via the side aisle along the outer wall. Try to accommodate families so that they commune at the same table. About fifteen communicants should be included at each table at the railing. For efficient flow, each new group should be asked to leave the pews as the group ahead begins to move to the railing. If one side finishes before the other, the remaining communicants may be directed to the finished side. Ushers should join the final table. There are two tables of communion at a time. Please keep the congregation moving.
  • If the fellowship server does not show up, ushers should ask a member of congregation to help.
  • After the worship ELWs should be replaced in the racks and the sanctuary straightened and picked up.